PLEASE NOTE: Per our permit with the City of Portland and everyone’s safety, ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS are allowed at the walk, except for those carried by law enforcement officers.

Q: Where does the walk take place?
A: The walk begins at the Vera Katz Statue on the Eastbank Esplanade. The nearest intersection is SE Water Avenue at SE Main Street. You can register and sign in, listen to music and visit a number of sponsors tables for information on many things. See below for a yahoo map link to the exact location. Tri-Met offers bus service to a nearby bus stop. Go to to plan your trip.
MAP of Location for the NAMI Walk

Q: Is there a fee to register for the walk?
No, it is a free event.

Q: May I push my child(ren) in a stroller along the walk route?

Q: Is smoking cigarettes allowed at the walk?

A: No. For the health of our volunteers and walkers, and per the terms of our permit for the event, smoking is not allowed in the immediate staging area of the walk. If you wish to smoke, you can walk a block or two away.

Q: Is there parking available on Sunday, May 20th, at the walk site?
A: limited number of off-street parking spots are available. These are paid spots and drivers will be ticketed if they do not have a valid parking sticker in their vehicle.

Q: Where do team captains meet with their teams?

A: Because of the large number of people attending the walk, we recommend that team captains arrange a meeting place ahead of time. Many teams make signs with their team logo and name that help their team mates find them in the crowd. Because of the large number of teams, we cannot give tables to individual team captains.

Q: Does NAMI add donors’ names to mailing lists?
A: No – we do not keep donors’ addresses or e-mails, or add them to mailing lists or use their information for any other purpose.

Q: How do people already registered sign in on NAMI walk day?
A: Team captains are able to sign in their whole team on walk day. Have your team captain come to the registration tables to sign in all your walkers.

Q: Do people who want to volunteer the day of the walk have to join a team?
A: No.

Q: How does someone sign up to volunteer?
A: Get their name and number, pass it on to Michelle Madison at NAMI Oregon, and she will get them in touch with the volunteer coordinator. E-mail her at, or call her at (503) 230-8009.

Q: Can people who want to walk register on the day of the walk?
A: Yes.

Q: Do they have to register for a specific team?
A: No.

Q: If they would like to register for a specific team, can they?
A: Yes

Q: Are donations accepted the day of the walk?
A: Yes

Q: What if I want to donate a check?
A: We prefer that the checks are sent in before the walk to: NAMI Oregon, Attn: NAMI NW Walk, 4701 SE 24th Ave., Suite E, Portland, OR 97202. Please note which team you are donating to and make checks out to NAMI NW Walk.

Q: What happens to unspecified funds donated?
A: They will be credited to the county the person lives in if we are unable to track down the team or donor.

Q: How long can donations be taken?
A: Donations will be accepted for the 2012 walk for up to 60 days after the event.

Q: What if someone donates after that?
A: The donation will go into next year’s walk account by team/county

Q: Will snacks be provided at the walk?
A: Yes, as will water.

Q: How will you or your team members be able to get a NAMI shirt for the year?
A: Team members must raise at least $100 to get a walk t-shirt, which will be given out on walk day. Walk day volunteers will also receive a walk t-shirt.

Q: Are there other options for shirts?
A: You can make your own team t-shirts.

Q: Can we submit stories about why we walk without using last names, or submit them anonymously?
A: Yes. Send any item you’d like to share to Michelle Madison at NAMI Oregon with your request for anonymity.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the walk?
A:Yes, provided that you clean up after your dog and make sure it is on a leash and under control at all times.

Q: What do I do if someone wants a tax receipt for a donation?
A: Anyone who donates online automatically gets an e-mail with a tax receipt. NAMI Oregon also sends thank-you/tax letters to all donors who send in checks. If you would like an additional tax receipt for a donor who has given you a check or cash, please contact the NAMI Oregon office at or (503) 230-8009.

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