I am walking for two main reasons.

I am walking for my son, who struggled with mental illness. He took his own life last August. His brothers and sisters are also walking in his memory.

It was very hard to explain to others just what he was going through. How did I know what he was facing in his life?

I also suffer from mental illness. It has been a battle to make it through each day.

My son and I both worked on many ways to deal with our illnesses. We had our good days, and we also had bad days.

So I am walking in memory of my son, as his loving father, and I am also walking for myself.

I walk in in hopes that we can remove the shame I was raised with because I was “different” than others.

I walk for chance of change through love and understanding, so that we all may live our lives with the respect we deserve.

– Woodrow Gurney