During my first marriage, my husband began acting erratically. He was not sleeping, or he slept all day for several days. He had violent episodes and I could not understand what was happening. All of sudden, the emotional roller coaster and need for safety began.  I cannot event describe it. I can recall telling friends and family about my daily life and my struggle to just stay sane and alive. No one believed me. Then one day, at the mall, a security female officer saw bruises on my arm.

She said, “Honey, you need to get away from him.”

My eyes opened.

Shortly after, we were in the car parked outside of our house. We were arguing and he was so irritated, he began to strangle me. If our neighbor had not seen us and called the police, I would not be able to share this story. The story would have ended.
When he was arrested, his mother and I had him involuntarily committed to a state hospital. Of course, he left within two weeks. He was diagnosed maniac/depressive and psychopathic.

I got pregnant and he threatened me and the baby.

I ran away from my home town for her safety.

I still suffer to this day with the sorrow and pain of being abused myself and dealing with PTSD and more.

So, why am I walking? I want people to take notice.

Those of us struggle through our mental illnesses are your neighbors and friends. There is a need for education and understanding from our communities. I am walking with the hope if I need someone to walk for me, they will.