I am honored to walk on May 23rd.

I walk because so many times I’ve wanted to run.  Run fast.  Run far away.

Away from the loss of my mother and older sister.   Beyond the stigma surrounding mental illness.   Past the pain and sadness.

Actually, I have run.  Alone, with a tear-stained face, I’d often yell up to the sky, “Why?   MY Mom?   Wendy?   What should I do now?” while my feet stumbled along.

But, today I have hopeHope for increased funding devoted to treatment and research.  Hope for greater public awareness and deeper compassion.   Hope that collectively we will heal.

This Sunday my time and energy will be dedicated to NAMI.  We can’t hang-up our running shoes just yet.  The marathon continues.  Another brave step. Every new day.

– Amy Smith