There are so many reasons why I walk.

I walk for my daughter who valiantly struggles daily with her bi-polar disorder.

I walk for my granddaughter who is just discovering the impact her own illness will have on her life, while she struggles to be a teenager, deal with her mother’s illness and move forward into that life.

I walk for that young man in the waiting room with the fear in his eyes. He doesn’t understand what’s happening to him, and he can’t make it stop.

I walk for the man standing in line waiting. I can’t tell how old he is through all the tangles of hair, layers of clothes and dirt. I wonder what he would look like underneath it all.

I walk because so many people do not to see them at all or if they do, look away.

I walk for the psychiatric provider that is looking for ways to help her indigent clients remain on their medications and continue to get the care they need.

I walk because I have to; all these people need to know that there is someone who cares.

Please be a part of that number, support NAMI and help change the future for the people I walk for.

Kim Schneiderman, Team Captain, PayLess Peace of Mind
NAMI Oregon Board President