I walk for those whose voices are silenced by society. I walk for the lonely, cold, scared, confused souls who need help and have nowhere to turn.

I walk for those who no longer have a chance to speak out for themselves, whose lives were taken too soon by their own hands.  I walk for all of those who refuse to get help because of the stigmas of having a mental illness.

Team Captain Ashley Slocki-Parham

I walk to help those get help who want it, but don’t know where to turn, or are too afraid because of what others might say.

I walk to show the world that terms like, “crazy pills,” “happy pills,” “psycho,” “freak,” and many more are hurtful, untrue, and perpetuate the cycle.

I walk for those who are ignorant about what mental illness is, but want to be educated.

I walk for those who are hurting – for friends, family members, neighbors, co-works, sisters, brothers, cousins, and partners of those with mental illnesses.

I walk for those who have overcome their demons, and for the people still fighting.

I walk for hope for a better future.

I walk to settle the nerves of those who fear their future of what they will become because of their family history.

I walk to rid parents of the guilt and fear they have over what their children might live through because of their own illnesses.

I walk for the world to see, so we can be all be heard.

I walk so we will be voiceless no more.

…I walk for me – so one day I will be without that twinge of shame I fight so hard to resist.

– Ashley Slocki-Parham, Team Captain, Journey Walkers