The Butterflies team at last year's NAMI Northwest Walk

As walk season kicks off and you ask for donations, you might think, “I’m just one person… can I really make a difference?”

But you can make a difference – and so can each donation!

Here’s how:

A donation of $10 will provide a student manual for one of NAMI’s free education classes, which have been described as “life-saving” and “life-changing.”
– A donation of $25 will cover the cost of sending one person to a free NAMI education class. These classes have been described as “life-saving” and “life-changing.”
– A donation of $60 will pay the stipends for two individuals making an “In Our Own Voice” presentation, which educates the community and helps fight the stigma of mental illness.
– A donation of $100 will pay for the costs of training two volunteers for our Prescription Assistance Community Services (PACS) program, which helps families and individuals find prescription and medical assistance.