With such a short amount of time to the walk, we want to share some of the best quotes from our supporters, those people who were kind enough to tell us “Why I walk”.

On May 17th, we walk to give our thanks to NAMI for the support they have given us. We walk to help others have a brighter future. We walk because we care. -Sydney Lizundia

In a grateful tribute to her (my daughter’s) courage, I walk. It is the least, but not the only thing, I can do. –Linda Dunn

Like many other people living with mental illness, (my friend) Ward was treated as a throwaway person. I’m walking because this needs to change, and to make the statement that people like myself who are living with mental illness are members of the community, like everyone else; that we are not and should not be stigmatized and that we deserve equal access to healthcare and recovery. –Michelle Madison

I walk because I know I am moving in the right direction and because I know that others deserve the same opportunity to reach their dreams.  I walk because I believe that every person, given the proper support and care, has the ability to thrive. -Jillian Glazer

(My daughter) Tessa is my inspiration.  I am thankful she is still alive, because for a while I was not sure she would make it to her thirtieth birthday this year. Her illness has prompted me to become involved and tell our story. – Michele Veenker

Last fall, my son Tony would have turned 36 years old. To honor his memory and to support others that suffer diseases similar to what he had, my wife and I again this year walk on “His” team and work to raise funds to support NAMI-CC (Clackamas County Oregon). -Mark Anderson

I want to help in a small way, to endorse, support, and grow with my peers at NAMI. I also walk raise funds for our In Our Own Voice and Peer to Peer programs, where I mentor and give presentations. And the exercises and walk are helpful in just everyday life. I hope this is the start of an energetic adventure I can do yearly. – George Hagerman

It is a dream of mine to be able to give back what has been given to me and enrich my life in the process.  This is why I walk for NAMI.  I now know that I have a voice, focus on the gifts that my disability offers and share my experience to give hope to others and pursue my dreams without ever giving up.  This year I am walking in honor of my mom, children, grandchildren, and the rest of my wonderful family, as well as friends who have never given up on me. – Susan Greenawald

I walk for this sweet wonderful woman who showed me what mental illness can feel like. – Susan Ayres

I have spent most of my life watching a family member suffer from mental health issues. Now that I have a daughter with severe anxiety, I celebrate her successes and share her pain at the struggles she faces. I walk so she knows I’ve got her back and so others like me – with a loved one who suffers – and people like her – who win and lose battles every day – know they aren’t alone. –Rachel Petzold

I walk with NAMI so that others may find help without the terror I felt. I walk so that others don’t have to fight as many fights. I walk to make this country a better place for those of us with a mental illness. -Curtis